This pair of gloves is made from dark olive carpincho leather. Carpincho leather originates from a South American wild boar, just like peccary. The most obvious difference are the distinctive patterning of the skin as well as the dryer hand which is very similar to suede. These gloves are lined with pure undyed cashmere and feature three simple decorative seams on the upper side of the glove.

Pair them with a grey herringbone overcoat for a classic look or go bold(er) with a camel polo coat.

Our gloves are hand made in Romania in a workshop that traces its roots almost 200 years back. Only the finest hides of leathers like peccary, carpincho and deer from the worlds best tanneries are used in the process.

To determine the correct glove size measure the circumference along the knuckles of your dominant hand while making a fist. Relative to your circumference the measurement results in your glove size. Gloves are supposed to fit tight at first. Due to the characteristics of leather it will stretch a little bit over time.