The fabric is provided by J.H. Koch. Located in Northern Germany, just two hours east of the Vecchio Anseatico studio, they have a history of weaving and dyeing linen dating back 220 years. For this collection we settled upon reserve printing. J.H. Koch is one of the few remaining reserve printing manufacturers in Germany. Reserve printing is a traditional technique whereas a textile substrate is printed with a resist paste using historic printing blocks and then dyed. The printed areas will resist dying and appear in the base colour.  Meanwhile, the remaining areas absorb the pigments endowing the fabric with a bright shade of indigo blue.

Our ties are entirely hand made from the cutting of the fabric to the sewing of the bar tacks in a small workshop in Como, Italy. This family business is around since more than half a century and has already been working for a number of well-known brands.
Each tie is constructed as a 3-fold with hand-rolled hems and a pure wool interlining.

All ties are made available in three different sizes. The correct length is not only determined by a wearer’s height but also neck circumference and trouser rise. To determine your required length measure one of your existing ties from tip to tip. Tie the tie until its wide tip is the proper length and ends smack dab in the middle of your trouser waistband. Now measure the distance from the ties skinny tip to your trouser waistband and either add or subtract it from the total length of your tie. We offer three different lengths from 140 cm (55″) to 160 cm (63″). The widths vary respectively for balanced proportions throughout all ties and wearers.