This tie is made from a striped wool flannel by Fox Brothers & Co. Initially designed as a sporting for stripe club blazers and such, this lightweight worsted wool flannel cuts just as good a figure when turned into a tie. The burgundy base with navy and cream stripes is a timeless color scheme, whereas the mottled finish and the soft hand makes this tie stand out without being ostentatious.

Pair it with a light blue shirt, navy sport coat, grey flannels and chestnut austerity brogues for a classic look or go bold(er) with a light blue OCBD, a fawn green tweed suit and burgundy Balmoral boots.
For pocket squares, we recommend choosing a white linen with a light blue border or forest green based silk square.

The history of Fox Brothers & Co can be traced back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. People like the Duke of Windsor, Winston Churchill and Cary Grant all chose to wear garments made from the companies’ cloth. Today, Fox Flannel still is a synonym for the best wool flannel worldwide.

Our ties are entirely hand made from the cutting of the fabric to the sewing of the bar tacks in a small workshop in Como, Italy. This family business is around since more than half a century and has already been working for a number of well-known brands.
Each tie is constructed as a 3-fold with hand-rolled hems and a pure wool interlining.

The classic tie is between 8 cm (3.15″) and 9 cm (3.5″) wide. We recommend 8 cm width for everyone wearing a size 46, 90, 23 (36 S/R/L) or smaller. If you’re wearing a 50, 98, 25 (40 S/R/L) or bigger you should choose 9 cm width. If you’re a 48, 94 or 24 (38 S/R/L) you are spoilt for choice. We do not recommend any ties slimmer as 8 cm as it limits the ties ability to create a nicely dimpled knot.
Usually, ties measure from 145 cm (57″) to 150 cm (59″) in length. However, many men need longer or shorter ties. The length of the tie is not only defined by its wearers’ height but also by circumference of his neck. To determine your required length measure one of your existing ties from tip to tip. Tie the tie until its wide tip is the proper length and ends right at your trouser waistband. Now measure the distance from the ties skinny tip to your trouser waistband and either add or subtract it from the total length of your tie. We offer four different lengths from 140 cm (55″) to 160 cm (63″).