This shantung grenadine is a true connoisseurs bow tie. Its minimalist color palette is made up by a rich forest green base with three off-white stripes. All attention is drawn to the incredible texture which is the result of slubby shantung raw silk yarns turned into a porous grenadine garza fina weave. Expect the raw silk shantung fabric to be slubby and irregular.

Pair it with a white shirt, navy hopsack jacket, grey pants and dark brown captoe oxfords for a classic look or go with a white linen button-down, a brown checked jacket, tan linen pants and dark chocolate brown string loafers.
For pocket squares, we recommend choosing a white linen or burgundy based silk square. It’s best to keep it simple with this tie as the complexity of the texture is an eye-catcher itself. Try to incorporate other rough textures into your outfit like suede leather.

This silk is exclusively woven for us in Como, Italy by one of the oldest and finest silk weavers in all of Europe. They are still using traditional manufacturing techniques and wooden looms that are about 100 years old.

Our bow ties are entirely hand made from the cutting of the fabric to the sewing of the bar tacks in a small workshop in Como, Italy. This family business is around since more than half a century and has already been working for a number of well-known brands.

All bow ties are self tie bow ties and can be adjusted to fit any collar size.