This brown cotton pocket square is a unique alternative to your usual plain linen square. The cotton fabric is very light and thin with a distressed and particularly soft finish. The fabric also results in a variation of color between the front and reverse side of the pocket square. While the front is a rich milk chocolate brown, the back side is a brighter shade of goldish brown.

Combine it with olive, navy blue or forest green ties. Above all, this handkerchief fits perfectly with ties made of more casual materials such as raw silk.

This handkerchief is completely handmade from the cutting of the fabric to the sewing of the handrolled hems in a small workshop near Florence. This young company specializes in extraordinary pocket squares made from a variety of materials and works only with a handful of distributors.

Due to the very light weight of the fabric, we have decided to offer this handkerchief only in 40 × 40 cm (16 “).